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About Our Company

Located in Jasper, Family To Family Helping Hands, LLC was established to provide a broad range of services for families in Northeast Florida. The love and attention that our founder, Nicole Wilson, has provided to her parents, is also the same care we want to bring to you.

How We Began

It all started when Nicole’s mother became seriously ill. Her mother was very particular about anyone in her personal space and did not like to ask for help even when she needed it. Needless to say, she needed a companion and homemaker to assist her with her daily tasks.

Thankfully, Nicole’s eldest daughter took an online class during her senior year in high school. This allowed her to stay with her grandmother at home and at the rehabilitation center. With help from her daughter, Nicole did not have to worry about leaving her mother with someone she did not know.

This same peace of mind she had is the same ease she wishes to bring to your family. Hence, she established Family To Family Helping Hands, LLC.

Meet the Staff

Nicole Wilson

Nicole has worked in higher education since 1995, where she assisted diverse groups of people in achieving their academic goals. As a dean, she was able to help Allied Health professionals go back to school and obtain skills for their chosen career.

Some of her students included Medical Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, Dental Assistants, and Medical Administrative Assistants, among others. Most of them were the first in their families to complete a post-secondary education.

Nicole did not realize how important her students’ training was until she was on the other side of having to entrust someone with her mom's wellbeing. She also knew that her father would eventually need such care in a few years’ time.

Thus, she wanted her students to be trained in a manner that would teach them the same kind of care which her mother received. She taught her students the importance of great customer service and gave them a better understanding of how important their positions would be in the field later on.

Services We Provide